Fleeing fear and violence

Children crying for lost dreams

Hungry, sick, but ever hopeful

They look for refuge in the stranger’s eyes


Exiled from their homeland

A storm of paper and background checks

Answering questions over and over

Praying to prove worthy of refuge in a bureaucrat’s eyes


Medical exams probe private space

Cultural training to make the strange familiar

Time passes, lives frozen, hope fades

Where is the refuge in the savior’s eyes?


Arrival at last to a new homeland

Rushed travel in voices in strange tongues

Fatigue with patience flagging at last

But no refuge, just hatred in the new home’s eyes


Fleeing fear and violence

Politicians cry and engender paranoia

The people respond with anger and hate

What refuge existed in America’s eyes?


Christian’s weep for promises broken

Pray for forgiveness for failure to welcome

“Love the stranger, because you yourself were a stranger”

Restore the refuge for all in your eyes


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